Sight Reading 101

Course Conclusion

This information and the exercises that you have just completed should give you a great start on being able to read music. The easiest and most sure way to thoroughly memorize this information is through repetition. Do these exercises on triads over and over again. Make up your own exercises. Drill yourself when ever you have a free moment; driving in the car, walking, while your at work, whenever it would be convenient for you.

Tips About Reading Music To Take With You...

- When you're reading a new piece of music, first read through the piece without your guitar. Just look through it so you get an idea of what's coming up.

- Read through a new piece, just clapping out the rhythms with your hands. This helps you get a feel for the tune.

- When you are reading through a new piece, while you're playing through one measure, always try to glance ahead at the next measure so you know in advance what's coming up.

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To continue your studies in learning to sight read, check into my next online course, Sight Reading 102! (Coming Soon!)

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Introduction | Course Directory | The Staff | Lines, Spaces and Ledger Lines | Flash Cards I: Learning the Notes | The Fret Board | Reading Exercises On Each String | Note and Rest Values | Time Signatures | Rhythm Exercises, Part I | Triplets and Dotted Notes & Rests | Rhythm Exercises, Part II | Flash Cards II: Rhythm Values | Ties | Rhythm Exercises, Part III | Simple Melodies | Course Conclusion

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