Sight Reading 101

Simple Melodies

These following reading exercises will be similar to the exercises you've done so far in this course; however, rather than having just one note, these exercises will use simple melodies to get you used to sight reading different pitches.

These lessons will only use the notes of the first three frets of your guitar's fretboard. Here are those notes in the following fretboard diagram.

Notes on the first three frets.

There are 10 exercises. Exercise #1 will start you off with a fairly simple lesson, and each lesson will increase with difficulty. If you need, or want to hear what the lesson sounds like, each exercise comes with a pro audio MIDI file.

Lesson Suggestions:

First, go through all of the exercises without your guitar. Play the MIDI files and, at the same time, clap the rhythms with your hands. This will help you completely focus on just reading the rhythms. After you've done that go back through and play the exercises with your guitar.

Use a slow tempo when you first start going through these exercises, then you can gradually speed up as your reading skill improves.

As you're playing through the reading exercises, try to glance ahead at the next bar so you'll already know what's coming up before you get there. This will really help you work on your sight reading.

Note: These reading exercises are specifically designed to use Crescendo to play the MIDI files that accompany the exercises. If you don't have Crescendo yet, download it for free now!

Download Crescendo for Free!

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